About me

Your personal story will be the inspiration of my creativity to design and organize an unforgettable event.

My name is Ioanna Vamvakari and I am a decorator based in Greece.

When I was a little girl I always wanted to make things beautiful even if nobody else noticed. Now I do the same for the couples I work with. I make things beautiful and hope everyone notices…

The uniqueness of a couple is my primary source of inspiration when I am called upon to decorate or organize a wedding.

I aim to take the stress of the preparations off you and allow you to save up money and time.

I guarantee an outstanding result in terms of organization as well as styling, adding your own personality and uniqueness.

As a wedding planner I am next to you from the very first minute you contact me. I advise, I assist and I give you all the information you need in order to make the final decisions about your wedding.

As a decorator I share with you my best decoration ideas and the latest trends.

While adding your own taste and personality I create for you a most spectacular wedding.

Let me create an extraordinary experience for you…                                                                                                              

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